Search Engine Optimization is a Must for Businesses

Do you have a website that has the required quality but lack that little something to stay ahead of your competition? The little something is a Search Engine Optimization service and we believe it is evolving in to a greater need.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizes a website for organic search engine visibility and to drive traffic to your website. For example, this article is around a keyword – ‘Search Engine Optimization’, and having quality content around this keyword would multiply the normal impact on the website.

SEO services include 4 simple steps:

  1. It understands what your customer searches for
  2. It incorporates keywords into your website based on the gathered information
  3. It improves your website’s SEO factors such as the page layout and the quality of the content
  4. It ultimately spreads the word about your content

When we introduce a new product, we do not just hope for people to buy them. We market them. Similarly, understanding the techniques and requirements to ensure that your target audience lands on your website is very important, even if you are a growing enterprise.

Internet is constantly evolving and India is turning digital. In order to keep up with this evolution, enterprises need a solid digital marketing strategy which includes SEO. It is very important to expand your marketing budgets to include SEO’s as it is a crucial part of your marketing mix and is an investment. It impacts the buying cycle of your target audience, the results are measurable, and also supports you to make further decisions on building your brand and analyzing the ongoing trends.

It is highly suggested to interweave SEO and social media as well. These inbound strategies tend to naturally attract customers and the content they share is a major source of quality referral traffic we receive. People are increasingly using social media to interact with the brand of their choice. Having external links and quality content will complement SEO in growing your business exponentially. Basically, if the reader likes the content on your website, the probability of them to send it to their friend or share it on the social media is higher.

The Internet and Mobile Association of India and market research firm IMRB International says that in India mobile internet users are growing exponentially and is expected to reach 450-465 million by June (up 4-8%). People are opting for easier mobile access to the information and services they require. With SEO you can leverage on this growth by optimizing your website for mobile, making it easier for your target audience to garner the links to your website.

The impact of digital marketing is powerful and enterprises who do not include SEO as a part of their strategy are limiting their performance in the digital space. With the frequent changes in the SEO ranking algorithm, if you are able to implement an effective SEO strategy you are already ahead of your competitors in terms of traffic, leads, conversions, and revenue.

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