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Google Display Ads Bangalore


What is Google Display Ads?

Google Display Ads (GDN) is meant for running display ads in Google networks like, Google networks, websites.

These ads are in the form of banner ads, rectangular ads and header ads as well. All these ads are displayed in Google networks in the form of display ads, which are consist of text and images with respect to a particular lading page of a website.

Why Google Display Ads are important?

The main objective of Google Display Ads is to running a specific target based campaign for bringing a good amount of user engagement to the website. This will help you to improve brand awareness, user engagement and conversions to the business as well.


How it works?

Google ads and PPC are the major concepts in Google Display Ads. These ads will come to display on various websites and Google network channels. Displaying ads is complete based on user specifications which are pre-defines before running a display ad. GDN is for reaching the customers on the web and apps.

Setting targeted audience and locations specific are the major factors in Google Display Ads for reaching the right audience and increasing the user engagement and conversion.

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