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Mumbai is one of the financial capital of India and it is the home for giant financial companies, start-ups, and small/large enterprises. This vibrant city of India has allowed Riverhood to work closely with enterprises, start-ups to even small firms in an environment that is highly competitive to emerge as a leading SEO Agency in Mumbai.

Our main focus is to deliver better ROI consistently. We are capable of doing this through our fine blend of proven expertise, customized strategies, and innovative techniques. Through these, we would be able to rank you higher on the search results and targeting the relevant audience thus helping generate leads and sales. Helping you keep ahead of the competition.

Our team of experts in Mumbai will do in-depth research along with meticulous planning of SEO strategies and proper implementation of achieving good SEO results. Riverhood provides you with customized SEO plans that help you fetch result-oriented On-Page as well as Off-Page content thus optimizing your brand image.

SEO is Important For Your Business

The growing number of internet users and online searches have provided the following facts:

  • 3.5 billion Google searches are made daily.
  • 90% of the users never attempt to look into the second page of Google Searches.
  • 95% of young adults rely on online reviews for any local business.

In today’s era having a website of a company is not enough. It’s equally important to reach out to the right audience, at the right time, and at the right location for any agency to grow its business. We aim to help our clients retain the top positions in SERP rankings with the help of our high-quality SEO services.

How Do We Rank Your Website On the Top?

Competitor Analysis:

An in-depth analysis of our competitors will help us an agency to keep a track of what’s happening in your industry thus helping us prepare an actionable plan to be implemented with the data that we have collected. The data collection includes their keywords, rankings marketing strategy, etc. But be rest assured that we would implement strategies that best suit your needs and will help your website rank at the top.

Keyword Research:

We would on common consensus finalize a list of keywords that are ideal for your business objectives. You can do is share with us the list of product or services that you would like us to focus on and the ones which have higher margins. We would make sure to focus on the ranking of these products which are aligned with your business objectives.

In-depth Site Analysis:

Google has already made a certain set of guidelines keeping in mind what is ideal for an SEO and the user. We would do a detailed audit ( both technical and user experience) and a create checklist for you. The checklist will be implemented based on our mutual consensus.

Backlink Analysis:

We work towards an extensive assessment of the number of links that come from external websites to enhance and excel. We ensure that the links come to your website from credible websites. How do we measure credibility? It is measured with the help of the domain authority of the website.

Content Planning:

Based on the final list of keywords we would plan the content based on the SEO strategy. We ensure you that the content we provide is unique and will use the ideal keywords based on density, tonality, and flow.

Engagement Models:

We would suggest how to increase the engagement on the website. The suggestion might include having to write an official blog, chatbot, etc. This is one of the crucial elements of SEO strategies.

In-Depth Report:

A monthly report would be prepared that includes all the current SEO statistics of your brand based on our agency’s-depth analysis of the portal. This report helps in the continuous evaluation of the campaigns and helps build strategies based on the experiences and what could be done the best based on the new SEO scope.

Our Specialized Services

  • SEO Services
  • Social Media Services
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Delivering better ranking in lesser time
  • We ensure an excellent surfing experience for your end-users.
  • In-depth understanding of client’s requirements
  • Improve client’s ROI in a short period

In today’s fast-moving pace, markets keep changing every second. You need to keep a track of the latest happenings in your market. SEO helps in pushing the limits of business to higher levels. Riverhood's premium SEO services will never let you behind with the latest guidelines by Google.


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